Reinforcing an Online Business with the Right Systems: Analytics, Traffic and E-Invoicing

Establishing your own domain online is only the start of your venture online. It may seem like it's the final step towards conquering the world wide web but it actually is the beginning of a complex yet promising stint. Apparently, the real deal happens in the entire maintenance and building up process of your website's online process. It is vital to equip it with website tracking tools or analytics, in order for you determine how it is keeping at par with the competition online. With it, you can determine what step to take next and how to make your way around every search engine's challenge.

If you're a business owner and is maintaining a website, here's a brief outline of the most essential metrics you should track for your website to be efficient. Awareness of these will direct you towards the right path to take in bringing your online success to an all time high.

Analytics Services: Paid Vs. Free

Aside from the obvious fact that the difference between the two is highly monetary, their features and the range of their efficiency also vary greatly. As a rule of thumb, it is safe to say that paid services offer more features and can provide you more information about every visitor's interaction once they land on your website. Tracking of visitors is made easy by paid services, no matter how many times they visit your domain. On the other hand, Free analytics services tend to be very limited. They retain less information about a traffic and most often than not, they're solely based on the last click done by the traffic when looking into their sources.


This is basically the main idea why search engines exist, to aid your website in being found in the vast domain of the world wide web. Traffic is another term for visitors, the more traffic you get, the more potential customers will see your business. This is the first major metric that you will surely look into; taking into account the number of visitors that comes in and out of your website, the new ones and the regularly visiting ones.

Basically, you would want to have a good number of new visitors every month, it's a concrete sign that you're online marketing efforts are indeed working to your benefit.

Web Traffic Sources

Of course, knowing where you're visitors came from or at least were they got routed from before they landed on your web page is equally important as the traffic themselves. It allows you strategically devise your online marketing scheme effectively. Website traffic sources can be three things: (1) Direct (2) Referring and (3) Search Engines. Direct traffics are those that arrived to your website by directly typing its url on the address box in a browser or via bookmark. Referring sites on the other hand are websites that features the link to your websites, which we call backlinks or adverts. The last one is the search engines; this pertains to those traffics who immediately found your website searching for it or entering a keyword in search engines such as google or bing.


This is a key player in the Search Engine Optimization arena. Information pertaining to the keywords that are used by visitors in order to find your domain could spell the difference between bagging at least the 1st page of Google or Drowning into the nth pages instead.

Above are just some of the major metrics that you must keep an eye when running a website. Basically, Weblog tools can easily provide these simple yet powerful information to you. Using it your benefit would greatly depend on your consistency and perseverance in running your entire online marketing campaign. If done well, surely the results will be pleasing. Also, once you have got your game going, the task does not end there. There are several more things that you need to consider vital to the empowerment of your business’s entire working process. One thing I would like to emphasize would be the online invoicing aspect of it.

Streamlined Invoicing System

Issuing receipts is crucial. Much more does the whole process of seeking your clients for their dues to. You would not want to continue pestering them by incessantly asking for the payment everyday. Instead of that, you might as well create an online invoice that breaks down all of the items they have incurred, dates when they were ordered and the dates they are due. This would also give them options on how to proceed with the satisfaction of the receipt, be it a credit card payment via PayPal, a digital cheque and so much more.

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